Fun Facts About Air Conditioning


Most people who live in hot climates know how much of a life-saver air conditioning is since there are few other ways to you stay cool through those unbearably sweltering summer months. Here are some fun facts about this cool invention.

  • The tradition of blockbuster movies being released in the summer came from a time when movie theaters were some of the first buildings to have air conditioning. This caused people to flock to them when the temperatures were up.
  • Students have a long summer vacation because it was too hot to teach and learn during July and August, and this model simply stuck around and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.
  • Many businesses and government offices used to have a summer vacation similar to schools. With the advent of air conditioning, business was possible year-round.
  • AC is credited with population booms in hot states like Texas, Florida, Nevada and Arizona, among others. Before, it was just too hot for most people.
  • Prior to the invention and widespread use of air conditioning, houses were kept cool with features such as porches, breezeways, high ceilings, natural ventilation and strategically-arranged shade from landscaping.
  • The New York Stock Exchange was one of the first buildings to incorporate AC, way back in 1903.
  • The term air conditioning itself is credited to a textile manufacturer in North Carolina who found that the new technology seemed to increase the quality and condition of the cloth he produced.

There you have it, some things about air conditioning that you may not have known.

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